Bob Kauflin has encouraged me this week in helping to think about our times of gathering.  He said in speaking at a recent conference:

“while “worship” is a word that refers to our relationship to God in all of life, I was going to speak primarily about singing songs of praise when we gather. Throughout Israel’s history, God intended there to be a connection between the faithfulness, authenticity, and passion of their gatherings and the way they lived their daily lives. What the Israelites did when they met at the tabernacle or temple was meant to reflect and shape what they did in their daily lives. So it is with us today.”

The songs we will sing revolve around God’s power and sovereignty over life, death, nature, man, salvation, and all things:

O God Of Our Salvation (Bleecker/Boswell)

Mighty To Save (Morgan/Fielding)

Sweetly Broken (Riddle)

Stronger (Morgan/Fielding)

You Never Let Go (Redman)

Once again…listen, sing, pray, read (Luke 8:19-39), and come ready to encourage one another as worship God corporately.  See you Sunday!