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Preparing to Gather 11/20/11

We are taking a break from the gospel of Luke and beginning a series this week called “The Incarnation” which will go through Christmas.  I have been barred from doing “Christmas” songs until the first of December so we are doing songs focused on the condecension of Christ and His mission on earth (He was born to die).

This Sunday we are singing “And Can It Be” (Indelible Grace), “Because Of Your Love” (Wickham), “Before The Throne Of God Above” (SGM), “By This We Know Love” (SGM), and “Center” (Hall)…as always I wanted the locus to be on the cross of Christ but also wanted some lyrical assent to the advent/first coming of Christ.

See you Sunday!


Preparing to Gather 11/13/11

Over the years the “gravity” of communion has grown in my own personal theology.  As I have prepared for this Sunday, and the fact that I will be leading our response time, I have been encouraged by Dr. Moore’s words here on why a closed communion is so important:

The table is not just an individual reminder of the gospel; it is the very locus of church fellowship, the place where we experience Christ present in proclamation and in one another. It is here that we experience a foretaste of the wedding supper to come, and where we announce those we hold accountable to struggle with us until then. The church is “recognizing the body” of Christ (1 Cor. 11:29) by defining the boundaries of communion at the table in terms of those who are in union with Christ and who are able, should they deny him, to be disciplined.Read more:

This same thought should be carried over into every facet of corporate worship, from sitting under the preaching of God’s Word to singing gospel centered songs even to greeting and fellowshipping with one another.  We will sing some weighty, gospel centered songs and my hope is that we will all see the surpassing greatness of our Savior.
Come Ye Sinners (Hart/Seay)
Beautiful, Scandalous Night (Daugherty/Hindalong/Seay)
Let’s prepare to gather and take communion and remember the gravity of occasion for which we meet, we are remembering the Lord’s death until He comes.

Preparing to Gather 11/6/11

Bob Kauflin has encouraged me this week in helping to think about our times of gathering.  He said in speaking at a recent conference:

“while “worship” is a word that refers to our relationship to God in all of life, I was going to speak primarily about singing songs of praise when we gather. Throughout Israel’s history, God intended there to be a connection between the faithfulness, authenticity, and passion of their gatherings and the way they lived their daily lives. What the Israelites did when they met at the tabernacle or temple was meant to reflect and shape what they did in their daily lives. So it is with us today.”

The songs we will sing revolve around God’s power and sovereignty over life, death, nature, man, salvation, and all things:

O God Of Our Salvation (Bleecker/Boswell)

Mighty To Save (Morgan/Fielding)

Sweetly Broken (Riddle)

Stronger (Morgan/Fielding)

You Never Let Go (Redman)

Once again…listen, sing, pray, read (Luke 8:19-39), and come ready to encourage one another as worship God corporately.  See you Sunday!