My friend Mike Passaro ( posted an extremely helpful quote from D.A. Carson’s book “Worship By The Book” reminding us why we gather and I think it summarizes what we have been heralding…

“…we cannot imagine that the church gathers for worship on Sunday mornings if by this we mean that we then engage in something that have not been engaging in the rest of the week. New covenant worship terminology prescribes constant “worship.” Peterson therefore examines afresh just why the New Testament church gathers, and he concludes that the focus is on mutual edification, not on worship. Under the terms of the new covenant, worship goes on all the time, including when the people of God gather together. But mutual edification does not go on all the time; it is what takes place when Christians gather together. Edification is the best summary of what occurs in corporate singing, confession, public prayer, the ministry of the Word, and so forth…”

Here are the songs we are singing:

All Because Of Jesus (Fee)

Hosanna (Fraser)

It Is Well (Spafford)

Psalm 62 (Keyes/Townend)

Desert Song (Fraser)

 So as we seek to edify one another this weekend let’s listen, pray, and read (Luke 8:1-18) and come prepared knowing that what we do has an eternal weight.