Every week we get the rare opportunity to gather together with God’s elect to encourage and adomnish one another and prepare for that glorious day when Christ will return and we will join the saints from all time and worship God forever.  I love the quote from Luther that says “I have two days on my calendar to-day and that day”!  Therefore we gather with God’s people on the Lord’s Day to worship at God’s throne under the authority of God’s word is our solemn duty and joyful privilege.

This week is no different.  We will finish the 7th chapter of Luke’s gospel and again see Christ and a glimpse of His deity as the One who forgives sinners!  Our songs will revolve around this central theme and I am including links for those that may not be familiar with them.

It Is Finished (Papa and Riddle)

You Alone Can Rescue (Redman and Myrin)

You Have Been Raised (Altrogge, Kauflin, and Boer)

How Deep The Father’s Love For Us (Townend)

Jesus Paid It All (Hall, Grape, and Stanfill)

I encourage you to read the lyrics, sing the songs, read the sermon text, and pray over our time together. 

See you Sunday!