This was my last (hopefully not ever) Sunday at Christ Baptist.  I will post my letter here later expressing my gratefulness to God and the church.  These past few Sundays I have had the opportunity to lead and sing the songs that have meant the most to me and our body as a whole.  These songs all express the gospel and several of them are new melodies put to older hymns.  As I have said on several occasions I believe that singing hymns is not only an opportunity to unite with believers past and present but it is also a biblical imperative.

Tim opened up the service with our normal call to worship reading Psalm 84 “better is one day in Your courts than thousands elsewhere…”.  We then sang “What A Savior” Sovereign Grace’s modernization of the hymn “Hallelujah, What A Savior (Man Of Sorrows)”.  The refrain of the song resonates with the lyrics and the upbeat tempo is quite fitting.

Savior, You showed Your love
Defeated our sin, poured out Your blood
So we praise You, Lamb that was slain
We offer our lives to proclaim
What a Savior

We moved right into “Before The Throne“…singing “because the sinless Savior died my sinful soul is counted free” together is one of the best moments as a worship leader singing with the blood bought body of Christ.

I was then able to share a testimony and a thank you letter that I wrote for our people to show my thankfulness for these past 4 years.  Following our prayer and offering we sang Psalm 62 and Center.  Two songs that Justin had asked me to do as we discussed songs that expressed our main desire to center everything on Christ.  Psalm 62 is a great reflection on the dichotomy between the promises of God rooted in Scripture and the fleeting pleasures of this world.  Center is a great exposition of Colossians 1 and is one of the best worship songs written in the past decade!

Justin finished off our Proverbs series “Get Wisdom” with his sermon on Proverbs and Money.  I was thankful that, as with all the Proverbs in the series, he began and ended with the gospel as the basis of how we acquire, use, and think about money wisely.  Apart from the gospel we could never think rightly about money, or anything else.  Overall we know we have been blessed by God with immeasurable riches in Christ.

In light of the gospel and how the church continues to live out the gospel “In Christ Alone” seemed a perfect song to end with.  Not in money or anything else in this world but in Christ alone our hope is found.

For all 5 of you that follow this blog…as of next Sunday, September 4th I will begin serving as worship pastor at Integrity Church in Greenville.  I am excited to see all that God is going to do through Integrity and Christ Baptist and am extremely grateful for every opportunity I have been given.  I will also be posting every Thursday on how to prepare for the upcoming Sunday with song lyrics and links to listen to the song before we come together to worship.