This Sunday was another amazing display of Christ’s glory and God’s great faithfulness through worship.  Tim opened up our time by reading Psalm 61 and we sang “At The Cross” and “Your Grace Is Enough“… focusing on God’s faithfulness throughout the entirety of Scripture and culminating at the greatest event in all human history…at the death of His Son on the wonderful cross.  We continued by reading Romans 4:13-25 as Justin read and prayed and thanked God for his commendation of the faith of the saints.  Before the sermon we sang “Hosanna” and looked at the triumphal entry of the Savior at His incarnation and looked forward to His second coming.  This flowed perfectly into “Nothing But The Blood“…all through Hebrews we see time and again that the faith of the Old Testament is only commendable through the blood of Christ.

Jonathan preached from Hebrews 11:8-12 and we saw the foolishness of faith (from the world’s eyes), the foundation of faith, and the fruit of faith in the lives of Abraham and Sarah.  We were reminded that commendable faith is not perfect faith and our faith is made perfect through the perfect obedience of Christ.

We ended our service singing together our confession that Jesus is more than enough.

More than all I know
More than all I can see
You are more than enough for me!