After 12 inches of snow fell on Wilson causing us to cancel services on the 26th, we finally reconvened as a body this Sunday.  It was a great time of fellowship and what a Sunday to start off the new year!  We begun the service by reading Psalm 50 and in response to the Mighty One who gathers His faithful ones we sang: “How Great Is Our God” followed by the chorus of “Marvelous Light” (done in the newer, half-time version).  After we sang these songs I took a moment to remind us why we sing the songs we do at Christ Baptist and used the next song as an encouragement for us as a body to press on through the next year.  And we cried out all together…”All I Have Is Christ“. 

After our time of reading and singing and praying God’s Word Justin gave us two sermons for the price of one!  He began by explaining why we as Christ Baptist value Scripture so highly and the benefits of staying in the word over the year.  Then he opened up Hebrews 8 and preached on how Christ is the better high priest.

As is the priviledge of first Sundays we also took communion.  With the bread we sang “Majesty (Here I Am)” and with the cup we sang “Jesus Paid It All“.  Again emphasizing that Jesus is the better high priest because He alone purchased total forgiveness by His blood.  I had planned on using “Sing To The King” last Sunday as an ode to Christmas and the coming and second coming of our Savior, and thought it would serve well as we looked to Christ, the mediator of a better covenant, who has vanquished Satan and is now seated at the right hand of the throne of Majesty on high!