This Sunday I had the privilege of leading with Josh Wester, Rod Osborn, and Brandon Powell.  It has been a joy serving with each of them and I am continually grateful that they have humbled themselves to serve with me!  We began the service singing “Your Grace Is Enough” and “Blessed Be Your Name“.  Quick side-note…my D-string broke during the first song, yes the second week in a row that I have broken a string, trying a different type of strings this week, will keep those of you who care informed.  After this we continued and led a new song, new to our congregation, “The Father’s Love” showing a great picture of sinners forgiven rebels being made clean and orphans adopted by a Father who is sovereign over all things including our salvation.  We ended our singing with “I Will Glory In My Redeemer” singing from the top of our lungs “I will glory in my Redeemer who crushed the power of sin and death”.  Justin led us to the throne of grace and proclaimed the Word of God from Hebrews 5:1-10 “The Source of Eternal Salvation“.  I had to leave early for family things but I am excited to listen to what I sure was a great sermon glorying only in our Savior, starting to realize how much I took for granted those 40 minute drives to and from work!