Well accroding to my wife I have already covered most of my ministry in my last post (since music is my ministry). However, there are a few things going on behind the scenes that I am grateful to share. First and foremost, I would have to say I am most thankful for being in my third year of service at Christ Baptist in Wilson. I honestly did not think God was going to give Rebecca and myself a church we could grow old in until we were much older and had more of our stuff together, but God works in mysterious ways. With all that said we are excited to spend ourselves/myself in the life of this church. Another new thing on the horizon, elder-training/discipling with the amazing elders at Christ Baptist. It has only been one week and I am in awe what a difference this has, is, and is going to make in all aspects of my life. To keep things short I will only say, for now, that we have met once, talked about DA Carson’s book “The Cross and Christian Ministry”, and have begun to pray for one another in our weaknesses. Overall a much needed dose of healthy male fellowship! One more thing on the horizon…I have been asked to lead for Christ Baptist in Raleigh’s youth winter “event” for 3 days in March, perhaps it’s a Spring event?!? Anyway it is a joy to serve other churhes, especially ones with such a close connection as them. Lastly, yesterday I was privileged to be called out in the snow and ice to come and serve with Josh and Megan at Open Door and it was well worth the horrible drivers and horrible snow plows of Raleigh DOT… I said to Rebecca yesterday how much I missed Boone, it snowed far more often and more intense than it did here but they always had those roads cleared and there wer no horrible snow banks in the intersections (ugh!!!!). So until next time make Christ the crucified Messiah the center and model of your ministry (thanks Carson).

In Christ,