I wish that I lived near a coffeeshop (any coffeshop for that matter, even a skcubrats!).  I find myself most contemplative in this atmosphere.  Some people have their quiet nook at home, a warm grassy field on a sunny day; no for me it is a low lit coffeshop on an overcast day like today.  I have come here this morning to get a little work done and to call around for my wife’s CV Boot on her car (long story).  I have the opportunity to dive into the Word, listen to new music, and read lots of BLOGS!!!  If God is specially present in communion as Calvin had supposed then I suppose He is specially present at coffeshops (totally kidding, but for me there is something serene and uber-spiritual here).

After last night’s Bible study and worship I have found myself rethinking the use of traditional hymns.  Rebecca and I had a wonderful conversation on the way home (and most drives for that matter) about the direction of music in our church and today’s churches in general.  She posited that most churches out of the Bible belt and most church plants were “evolving” and moving away from traditional hymns and towards the Tomlins and Crowders and Hillsongs.  While I agree that this is the common trend I have found solice in the presence of such GREAT ministries as Sovereign Grace, Red Mountain Church, and Indelible Grace.

On the subject of Red Mountain, I was inspired by their “Gatsby Project” and asked my wife to get my Gatsby’s Hymnal for Christmas last year.  On a side note, in Baptist History we learned that Gatsby himself was a “hyper-Calvinist” in the truest sense of the word, however his hymnal wreaks of Evangelism and the need for men to come to Salvation.  So as I flip through the  pages of the hymnal I am overwhelmed with God’s sovereignty the greatness of our Savior, and further more as I put music to the ever-so-poetic lines of Gatsby the theology comes alive in my heart and my affections are awakened anew time and again.  As we observe the trends rise and fall in “worship” I pray that above all we keep theology at the forefront and style secondary.

*I will add that I completely support and employ the addition of new melodies to old hymns.